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Customer Lifetime Value

Make loyalty a core pillar of your business. Splyt enables gamified exciting membership reward programs.



Splyt’s revolutionary smart contracts are the first real solution for counterfeit abatement and grey market detection on the blockchain.


Seamless Integration

Splyt easily integrates in the background of your e-commerce store. You can experience all the benefits Splyt has to offer without your customers knowing anything has changed under the hood.

How Splyt Makes a Difference


Inventory Reimagined

Splyt’s protocol solves the supply chain inefficiency of double selling products when working with affiliate networks.


Performance Marketing

Track attribution in perpetuity with eNFTs.


Big Data

eNFTs trace the full lifecycle of a product, providing brands and retailers invaluable sales, metadata, and visibility, to truly know, own, and leverage their customers.


Sales power

Splyt helps drive incremental sales, new customer acquisitions, market expansion, customer segmentation targeting, and high ROI campaigns with Splyt’s global inventory catalog and affiliate network.